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Elite HTS C Series C1

Since our theater seating is used in many public VIP cinemas and venues, it must be engineered to withstand a lot of continuous use and abuse. Weighing over 175lbs (79kg) per chair, our heavy duty theater chairs are built to last, and our 10 Year Warranty is proof of our extreme confidence in our product.
As our first ever order of nine theater chairs was being built in an old abandoned barn ten years ago, the goal and vision of company founder Bobby Bala was to design the sleekest, highest quality theater seating available. Now, ten years later, that reputation is well established as we proudly send our various custom creations from our new state-of-the-art facility to our many satisfied customers all over the world.
As the manufacturer, our unique customization capabilities allow us to execute a wide range of custom requests. It is a rare occurrence when we cannot accommodate a special request.
Lastly, we are very proud of achieving an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for 9 straight years. We are also DUNS registered, and are members of CEDIA (and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).
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All of us have had to endure an uncomfortable experience at our local Cineplex while constantly shifting and adjusting to find a comfortable position. This is caused primarily by pressure point build up in various areas including the lower back.
We collaborated with renowned Chiropractor Dr. Grant O’Neill to create a theater chair that provides optimal ergonomic support and comfort without sacrificing our sleek styling. After a lot of precise tweaking and adjustments, the final creation was the most comfortable theater chair available with features that include: A precisely fine-tuned lumbar and upper back support system; A unique dual cushion system that provides equal weight distribution for the thighs and buttocks; Premium, high quality foam that is not too firm, or too soft; An adjustable headrest option that fits perfectly in the nape of the neck.
As mentioned earlier, our Home Theater Seating is actually constructed and engineered for commercial use in venues such as public VIP Cinemas. Therefore, we know without a doubt, that our seating can surpass any quality benchmark for daily home use. The following features are just some of the high quality construction features and methods we use to create an Ultra Luxury Home Theater Chair.
Heavy Duty Frame
A combination of steel and premium wood is used to provide excellent structural integrity and support. Our frame accounts for much of the 175lb (69 kg) weight of our chair. The overall weight of a chair can provide many clues to its construction and quality. Entry level and mid-range seating typically weigh only 75 to 100lbs per chair.
The base of any theater recliner is the most important part as it provides the foundation for the entire chair. Our base is actually hollowed out from a large, thick piece of wood, therefore there are no joints or nails that can become loose over time and cause flimsy arms and squeakiness. The rest of our chair frame is cut on a CNC machine and then seamlessly joint fitted.
It is also important to reinforce the arms of a recliner at the highest point possible. If it is reinforced near its base, then it will most probably be prone to cracking and breaking at the joint which in turn will cause shaky/flimsy arms.
Materials and Upholstery
We use only the finest Italian leather and high quality fabrics that are exquisitely sewn and upholstered by our highly skilled team of artisans. Some of our popular models include nailheads and tacking which are carefully placed and hammered by hand.

"Thick and Chunky” Motorized Recliner Mechanism
A high quality recliner mechanism can be spotted by having thick steel arms, reinforced steel bracing, and a silky smooth reclining motion. A poorly designed mechanism on the other hand will have thin, weak arms and a rickety reclining motion. Weighing over 60lbs including our German engineered motor, our industrial strength recliner mechanism is whisper quiet. 
As opposed to manual recline with a lever, power recline allows you to precisely recline the chair to the optimum position and viewing angle.

Premium Foam
Low quality foam can start to lose form and "bottom out” in as little as a few months. We use only the best cushioning foam that is manufactured with maximum resilience technology so that it provides years of comfort and support. Our foam is high in density and supportive, yet still soft and very comfortable at the same time. We experimented with countless foam types over the years, and have now found the optimal balance between comfort and support. We also offer Soft, Medium and Firm foam options so that you can customize the chair to your preferences.


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