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Aferidor de precisão para a distância entre o pivot e os veio do braço.

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Each UNI-P2S was carefully checked and tested prior to shipment.

Furthermore the user can determine whether a given mounted tonearm does meet the mounting distance required or asked for in it’s specifications - i.e. whether it is correct mounted.
This applies to all pivot tonearms – no matter what effective length, mounting distance or specific geometry a given tonearm may ask for.
The UNI-P2S further gives the options to:
- draw an arc of suitable mounting distance on a plinth/armboard to find the optimal position(s) of a to-be-mounted tonearm.
- mark a drilling hole with the sharp tip of the stainless steel pin.
- locate perfect center of tonearm - either with tip of pin or (if center isn’t visible without question) center the outer dimensions of bearing house by using the cross-hairs on the reticule.
Please do get yourself familiar to the handling and use of the UNI-P2S. 
While it is a mechanical positioning instrument, it needs a minimum of attention to detail by the user to obtain the maximum precise results it ensures if handled correctly.
To get access to all possible features of the UNIP2S it is inevitable to read this manual. But most important please study the step-by-step pictured instruction to learn how to set-up the UNI-P2S correctly