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The 1st allowing all adjustments - overhang, azimuth, offset and SRA/VTA - right on the spot.
This new approach to headshell design originated from the request for a sonically supreme headshell which also enables the user to set all vital adjustments of a cartridge right where it should happen - in the headshell.
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The goal was to design a headshell which finally takes into account each and every aspect of cartridge mounting and alignment.

It should enable the user to precisely and easily adjust azimuth, offset, overhang and SRA/VTA on the spot - right at the cartridge.
And to do this without the often inevitable byeffect of changing the static/dynamic parameters of the tonearm by lowering the tonearm’s base and thus moving the arm pipe away from the theoretical and practical ideal of the static balanced and resting horizontal level.
In the arché the all-important SRA-adjustment is performed in utmost precision, - right in and at the headshell and the cartridge’s body without changing accidentally any adjustment in the tonearm itself nor in it’s all important static balance.
This point is sadly all too often neglected when recommending to fine-tune SRA by lowering/raising the tonearm’s base.
For the first time now the arché allows the owners of the most refined cartridges of today and days past to really get the best possible performance from their top-flight cartridges.
Unmatched versatility, a perfect resonance free construction, super-fast energy transfer resulting in an all new level of performance.


The arché comes in dedicated jewel-box packing with:
  • 3 metric hex wrench,
  • 2 sets M2.5 brass screws and nuts,
  • 1 polyrubber and 1 copper isolation ring,
  • a pictured manual and a 6 month warranty.

The arché is completely designed, manufactured and assembled in Germany. 
Each headshell comes with it’s own serial # and certificate.
The arché is a limited edition.
It is the first headshell design which is executed like a real high-end component.

To meet the finish and outlook of different tonearms, the arché is available in the following versions:
  • satin silver finish
  • satin black finish
  • satin rhodium finish - special order (s.o.)
  • satin nickel finish
  • satin fine gold finish (18 ct gold plated) - s.o.