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Magnum Dynalab MD-107T

Now standard on many of our high-performance tuners, the MD 107 uses two 6922 MD Triodes in the audio amplification stage, and features upgraded capacitors, tighter tolerances on components in the RF section, and an improved power supply. It also comes equipped (as an option) with our onboard DAC, with available S/PDIF and USB 2.0 inputs, both of which are selectable via the optional remote or the faceplate. For more information on our DAC upgrade, click here.

Consistent with our design philosophy to separate the analog R.F. section and the audio section, the MD 107 FM Tuner treats the incoming RF signal with special care. The analog front-end of this tuner is 100% in-house designed and manufactured, using five stages of RF filtration with precise hand-matched components in the critical areas. A key component in any FM tuner, the front end is of most importance to maximizing sensitivity and selectivity while minimizing distortion, ensuring the signal sent to the audio section is as pure as possible. There is no other company world-wide that still manufacturers their own front-end, nor is there a company that we can count on to deliver an RF front end worthy of inclusion in our tuners.

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Not to be forgotten, the MD 107 is built around the unique Magic Eye Tuning meter, providing an accurate and elegant tuning mechanism to ensure the perfect frequency is fed through the tuner's front end.

Overall, the stately symmetry of the MD 107 is characteristic of the industrial design of all Magnum Dynalab products, and is a visual complement to the outstanding sonic clarity, definitive sound staging and raw finesse of a truly fine audio product.

To complement this world class R.F. section, our proven world-class triode audio section is designed to perform at the same high level our customers have come to expect from Magnum Dynalab products. Specifically, we have paid special attention to three critical areas of the design. In addition to our primary design criterion, the MD 107 FM Tuner features a variety of design features in the audio stage and power supply that complement the R.F. section. 

It is a product designed and manufactured with great precision and care, with specific standards for all components included in the device. Whether it is the exacting specifications required for each MD Reference Cryovalve 6922 tube, or the specific thickness of each circuit board inside the device, the MD 107 FM Tuner is an audio product for the most discerning of customers.


50 Db quieting - stereo: 25.0 dBf

capture ratio: > 1.5 dB

image rejection: 110.0 dB

signal to noise ratio: 80.0 dB

alternate channel - wide: 70.0 dB

alternate channel - narrow: 80.0 dB

adjacent channel - wide: 3.0 dB

adjacent channel - narrow: 35.0 dB

THD - mono: 0.10%

THD - stereo: 0.10%

stereo separation: 50.0 dB

AM suppression: 70.0 dB

SCA rejection: 80.0 dB

I.F. Rejection:
80.0 dB
19 Khz and 38 Khz component rejection
75.0 dB

audio frequency response (+/_ 1dB): 15 Hz - 17 Khz

balanced audio output (600 ohms): 3.0 V

line audio output (RCA): 1.5 V

line power: 20/220/230/240 Vac

dimensions - (inches HWD): 4.5 x 19 x.15

dimensions - (cm HWD): 11.43 x 48.3 x 38.1

weight (lbs./Kg): 16/7.1

power consumption (typ/max): 30/40 VA

Tube Specifications

Anode Current: 5 MA

Anode Current: (max) 1.07 mA    (min) 0.92

Total Harmonic Distortion: < .25%

Gain from 6922 Tube: 12 Db

Feedback: Zero