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Magnum Dynalab
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With the introduction of a simple, yet revolutionary product over 20 years ago, Magnum Dynalab's legacy began. Our incredible Signal Sleuth, designed to boost and stabilize FM signals, was launched in 1984 and eventually led to the introduction of what would become our core product line for many years; world-leading analog FM tuners for the home market.
After considerable success with our Signal Sleuth, our first FM tuner, the FT 101, was launched in September 1985.

The design of the FT 101 was not only received by audio enthusiasts with glowing reviews, it also formed the backbone of the design for our entire product line. From these pure analog design fundamentals, we have introduced 15 unique analog FM tuners over the past 25 years, including our new Triode series, incorporating tube technology into the audio output stage of many of our new products.


Magnum Dynalab

"The Magnum Dynalab tuners are absolutely gorgeous to look at and even more gorgeous to listen to." George Papadimitriou, in ENJOYTHEMUSIC.COM


Magnum Dynalab
To compliment our lineup of analog tuners, Magnum Dynalab also began producing an assortment of both directional and omni-directional FM antennas, intended to ensure our listeners enjoyed the best our products have to offer. Our antennas continue to be appraised as the best in the business, used by listeners around the world. Along with antennas, our R&D in analog circuitry has led us to pursue opportunities with other related products.

Our integrated FM receiver (MD 208) introduced in 2000 and our integrated amplifier (MD 308) introduced in 2001 helped showcase our expertise in other categories, winning awards (the MD 208 was Stereophile's 2000 Product of the Year) and also kept our designers thinking about the future. The 308 integrated amplifier was one such product that would prove to be a bigger part of our product mix as we evolved.

As the world of source audio changed in recent years, analog FM tuners have become more and more a staple of only the purest of audiophiles. While all music lovers have been using digital source products for many years (CD players), the product mix is now evolving to include satellite radios, computer-based audio systems, and streaming internet audio. As a result of this changing environment, we have dedicated significant investment dollars towards researching the opportunity to incorporate our expertise in analog design with the future of digital source audio. The result has been the development of new business relationships with organizations experienced in the conversion of digital sources to continuous signals.

With new expertise incorporating D/A conversion technology and an entrenched knowledge in the art of analog circuitry, we went to work on the most forward-looking product the company had every launched, the MD 109 and the World Source Platform.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the MD 108, the MD 109 is at its core the most sonically accomplished analog FM tuner we have ever developed. However, this exciting new product was also the beneficiary of our proprietary World Source Platform. This platform is designed as a serious solution to the evolution of the multi-format audio source environment that we live in today. In addition to receiving and delivering with sonic accuracy all terrestrial FM signals, the MD 109 is upgradeable to accommodate digital and satellite radio, file exchange, CD, DVD and Internet Sources. In fact, the MD 109 was designed to serve as your source component for all future listening options and variables in the digital domain.

After the development of the MD 109, we continued to push into new digital product categories, launching the MD 606T and MD 609T, 2 XM Satellite Radios for the 2-channel audio enthusiast. And more recently, we have worked towards the development of a Wi-Fi Radio, unlocking the audio fidelity that can be found through on-line radio stations into dedicated audiophile systems, available in 2011.

As these digital source products find their way into more and more systems, we have most recently turned our focus towards building out a line of integrated amplifiers, once again leveraging our history of analog expertise. And of course, the first integrated amplifier, the MD 309, comes equipped with an on-board DAC equal to the designs found in our best digital source audio devices. This product, and the integrated amplifiers to follow, are all designed to compliment the various source audio products available today.

As we look back over more than 20 years of business development, we remain excited about the future. Magnum Dynalab continues to be a family-owned and operated company, committed to using only the highest quality components from world-leading suppliers, while manufacturing all of our products with great care to ensure our customers enjoy pure, unaltered sound for many years.
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