Grand Prix Audio

Grand Prix Audio

Grand Prix Audio is an engineering company. We specialize in applying our proven engineering and manufacturing experience to the world of high performance audio. Since starting the company in 2000 we have set the standard in the component isolation system segment. While many have tried, to date no company has equaled the performance of our classic Monaco design.
We have also designed the worlds most speed accurate turntable which has been acclaimed as setting an entirely new standard in playback quality for vinyl records.

Our philosophy is simple, design superior solutions to audio problems by using the same proven and fundamental engineering principles that won us hundreds of races and allowed countless innovative engineering solutions in racing and other industries. We believe that facts and truth are very important and thus our marketing is not full of hype and false claims. All of our designs adhere to the fundamental principles of physics. We do not claim to rewrite Newton's Law or revise physics as so many other companies in this segment attempt to claim.


Grand Prix Audio

"You might think that the GPA will sound fast. It doesn’t. Instead it sounds right, and there’s a big, big difference." Roy Gregorys, Hi-Fi +


Grand Prix Audio
We strive to document and prove the validity of our efforts with instrumented testing to back up our claims. This is because we use instrumented testing to guide the design and development of all our products. We never inflate or make false claims. All of our performance claims and comparisons can be backed up and proven with instrumented testing. We believe we set the standard in accurate and truthful marketing information in the audio industry.

We choose the name Grand Prix Audio because Alvin Lloyd, the founder, and most of the engineers involved in our projects come from lengthily and highly successful careers at the forefront of the motor sports industry. Grand Prix Audio is a brand created and backed up by an engineering team with cutting edge designs and innovative accomplishments recognized worldwide.

Alvin Lloyd's background includes key participation in design, production and implementation of some of the fastest Indy Cars in history. In fact, the only Indy Cars designed and made in America to win races in the modern era. This is but a small portion of the winning projects Mr. Lloyd and his team of engineers have been involved in. In addition to the most innovative Indy Cars ever made, we participated with our engineering team in designing and building the worlds highest speed moving ground plane wind tunnel (at the time considered state of the art worldwide). So superior in its performance that Formula One teams such as Williams Grand Prix Engineering to name but one came to America to develop cars in this wind tunnel design.

Members of the Grand Prix Audio engineering team have also done consulting design for many of the world's auto manufacturers and race teams as well as defense contractors, and some of the major electronics manufacturers such as Sony.

We believe that our past engineering accomplishments which are documented and proven worldwide provide a confident foundation for excellence in audio design. We believe designing audio products is not black magic, it is science.

Engineering Excellence results in superior products!

Grand Prix Audio equals engineering excellence and unparalleled value in quality, longevity of design, and performance. This opening page serves as the portal to an ever growing line of innovative and superior engineering solutions for various audio applications.
We look forward to adding you to the family of Grand Prix Audio believers.
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