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Our true passion for music reproduction, which we have nurtured for 30 years, led us on a long quest to design audio machines that can convey the emotions at the heart of a musical performance. We are very proud to introduce the long-awaited result through our darTZeel product line. Most consumer products today—even some very expensive audio components—are designed primarily from the standpoints of manufacturing efficiency and cost savings. 

At darTZeel, the only question we want to answer is: Does it make the music feel real?

Our passion drove us to spend 16 years researching and developing every possible aspect of a new audio circuit, embodied in a completely new amplification approach. You can be assured that for us to spend 16 years on one design, "measured performance” alone was not our only goal.



"Listen first, measure later. Never the other way around. That is the way we design our products." darTZeel


Our products, before anything, are designed and realized from a purely humanistic point of view. For us, music is not only a means for communicating and listening. Far more than this, for us music is a powerful means of soul expression—even of spiritual development.
Emotions that music generates are to be carefully taken in account in the design process. Technology is only then applied to enhance the emotions, even transcend them, without altering them.
Once that goal is reached, we then can concentrate on the "electrical performance" aspect. That’s why we have a test bench.
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