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Jadis JPS2

Its specific supply recreates a tension for the unit with a frequency of 80 Hz which avoids problems due to a 50 or 60 Hz network frequency.
The regulation of the high voltage is assured by two tubes: 1 X  EF86 and 1 X EL84.
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A line preamplifier which uses 3 ECC83 for the line function plus a ECC82 tube to adapt the impedance on the CD entry.


One gold connection and further connections in copper and silver assure the faithful broadcast of the sound signals.
The conventional "point by point" wiring  gives the aeration and the dimension of a sound stage.
The choice of electronic components and the fabrication method gives the signature JADIS to this device.
There is a choice between non-magnetic stainless steel for the chassis and 24 carat gold for the plates.


Sensibilidade a 2V na Saída: 120 mV

Ganho a 1 Khz: 35 dB

Distorção para 2V na saída: 0,1%.

Entradas: 5 entradas de linha (Tuner, 4 Aux), 1 entrada de CD a válvulas.

Saídas: 1 Saída; 1 Mute; 1 Entrada/saída de gravação c/monitorização.

Válvulas: 6 x 12AX7/ECC83, 1 x 12AU7/ECC82.

Fonte de alimentação: 1 x EF86, 1 x EL86.

Medidas (LxAxP): 2 x 43 x 17 x 32 cm.

Peso: 25 Kg.