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Artesania Audio Prestige Series

Mesa para equipamento high-end inclui 4 prateleiras e 4 Mass Dampers.

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The suspended system design of the Artesania Audio Prestigemodel, as this completely upgraded system evolved from the top-of-the-lineReference model.


The trickled down technology of the Reference series incorporates its advantages, yet with the absence of the shelves. All the components are suspended and float in the air, yet still offer the rigidity and stability of the shelf system. The double design structure of the Prestige equipment rack is still the same as with their Reference model. It this in the way each shelve can be used if needed that has changed. Along the dealing with the resonances and micro vibrations, the Artesania Audio Prestige Suspended Audio Rack system also implements the freedom of air circulation. This provides electronics to operate within their desired working temperature to continue in offering stable performance and durability.

The Artesania Prestige instantly allowed more micro-details to emerge effortlessly and let music to be embraced with more emotions.

Artesania Audio Prestige Suspended Audio RackThe Artesania Rack looks elegant and combines excellent built quality and single-minded purpose. Most important of all, it possesses the ability to improve the overall sonic performance of any separate component or system as whole.

Artesania Audio's Prestige Suspended Audio Rack system is a device with which one can start building his/her system. This might be seen as an investment upon this segment, but in the long run you'll be in a position of saving some serious funds by not needing to swap out gear so often or using other expensive tweaks in hopes for achieving better performance.

Artesania Audio's Prestige Suspended Audio Rack system offers a distinctive change without need of other special, and usually very expensive, tweaks. It simply works with the music


Type: High quality equipment rack

Acoustic anti-resonance treatment technology

Includes the same metallic double structure for shelves.

Movable articulated steel arms

Isolating pins and discs are incorporated on each articulated arm

Absorption pads to provide a further tier of anti-resonant protection.

Available in heights with 3, 4 or 5 shelf spaces (6 by special order) and in double or triple tandem.

Includes four polyamide discs with isolating base and dampers

Standard shelf measuring: 50.5 x 40 cm.