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Magnum Dynalab MD-90T

Sintonizador de FM analógico
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In addition to the features offered by the FT 101A, the MD-90T now offers even greater selectivity in order to deal with urban signal congestion. The in-house manufactured 3-stage RF front end is sure to extract the most intricate signals from amongst the milieu of FM congestion that abounds in today's urban markets.

As did the FT-101A, the MD-90T combines the very latest in discrete, analog technology. In addition to its highly renowned MOSFET front end, which provides 3 stages of very careful and precise RF amplification, we have added the Triode audio section, which includes a Philips military grade JJ 6922 tube in the amplification stage. This addition provides audio realism and the bigger sound stage characteristics heard only through the tube experience.
Additional support is given through our custom Auto Blend RF Circuit, which constantly monitors and varies your stereo separation insuring optimal "stereo quieting" during your listening sessions.
The MD-90T now incorporates all functions in a totally redesigned motherboard. This integration has provided the necessary design efficiencies to allow consistently higher levels of selectivity to be maintained.
Along with added selectivity, the MD-90 has a redesigned power supply circuit that maintains the tuner circuitry at standby at all times when the tuner is connected to a live AC source. The MD-90T can also house the Precision Analog Remote System inside the chassis, allowing for precise analog tuning from well beyond a pragmatic range.


Usable sensitivity (mono): 10.3 dBf

Usable sensitivity (stereo): 11.2 dBf

50 dB quieting sensitivity (mono): 13.2 dBf

50 dB quieting sensitivity (stereo): 34.0 dBf

Capture Ratio: 1.5 dB

Image rejection: 75.0 dB

signal to noise ratio (SNR): 75.0 dB

alternate channel - wide: 60.0 dB

alternate channel - narrow: 80.0 dB

adjacent channel - wide: 9.0 dB

adjacent channel - narrow: 25.0 dB

THD - mono: 0.10%

THD - stereo: 0.18%

stereo separation: 50.0 dB

AM suppression: 70.0 dB

SCA rejection: -80.0 dB

-3 dB frequency response: 20 Hz - 17 KHz

Power required: 120/220/230/240 vac

Dimensions: 19" (w) x 13" (d) x 4.25" (h)

Weight: 12 lbs/5.3 kgs

Standard faceplates (black): 
17"/45 cm
19"/48.26 cm
19" rackmount

Tube Specifications For Triode Series: 

Filament Current: 
(max) 330 mA    
(min) 270 mA

Anode Current (1): 
(max) 1.07 mA    
(min) 0.92

Anode Current (2):
(max) 1.07 mA    
(min) 0.92

Total Harmonic Distortion: 1.8 %