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Pro-Ject Essential III PHONO c/cabeça OM10

Gira-discos com célula Ortofon OM10 e pré de fono incluído.

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Audiophile "Best Buy" turntable with integrated phono stage

Essential III Phono – integrating convenience!
Essential III Phono takes all advantages of the regular version Essential III and adds line level output! Delivering audio-phile sonics in a convenient package, easy to install into any hifi system and to hook up to an already existing amplifier in your living or listening room. It comes with the same audiophile components as the standard version, such as the diamond-cut aluminum drive pulley, the resonance-optimized MDF main platter and MDF chassis. The refined, high-precision platter bearing has significantly lower tolerances than Essential II. Equipped with the high-quality pickup OM10 by the phonographic cartridge pioneer Ortofon, Essential III Phono delivers lively, balanced and highly involving sound that will delight every vinyl lover.

Essential III Phono comes in the aesthetic high-gloss colors black, red and white.

Gira-discos Pro-Ject Essential III PHONO
com cabeça Ortofon OM10
Com andar de phono.


Speed: 33, 45 (manual speed change)
Principle: Belt drive
Speed variance: 33: 0.70% 45: 0.60%
Wow & flutter: 33: 0.21% 45: 0.19%
Platter: 300 mm MDF & felt mat (0,8kg)
Main platter bearing spindle: Stainless steel
Tonearm: 8.6”, aluminium
Effective tonearm length: 218.5 mm
Effective tonearmmass: 8.0 g
Overhang: 22.0 mm
Counterweight for masses: 3 - 5.5 g
Tracking force range: 0 - 25mn (recommended OM10 18mn)
Outputs: RCA Line, RCA Phono
Included accessories: Power supply, dust cover
Power consumption: 4.5 Watt max
Dimensions (lid closed): 415 x 112 x 335mm (WxHxD)
Dimensions (lid open, 90°): 415 x 365 x 390mm (WxHxD)
Dimensions (without lid): 415 x 95 x 330mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 5.0 kg net