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TechDAS Air Force Two

Brand-new, A-level best buy model with a reasonably improved price, while maintaining high-end quality as it is, now realistically appears
The first analog turntable "Air Force One” manufactured by TechDAS, was introduced as a flagship reference, just like it sounds, with reasonable exploitation of the air force applying to every key part of its own mechanism, while having achieved ultimate analog playback sounds and receiving great acclaim from analog audio enthusiasts around the world. The "Air Force Two” was developed as a sophisticated best buy based on the core technology inherited from "Air Force One”, while maintaining high-end qualityas it is and realizing price reduction successfully. It may be no exaggeration to say that this is a real product of value. 

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The key to achieve significant cost reduction without sacrifice of performance is the main body chassis made of precision aluminum castings
The critical issues in design for the "Air Force Two” are to achieve price reduction and to ensure the existing performance on par with the flagship reference, the "Air Force One” as a best buy product. Since to manufacture the chassis of the "Air Force One” incurs many costs due to cutting a metallic block by a computerized numerically controlled (CNC) machine, we have successfully switched to the aluminum precision-cast and painting the chassis instead. As casting is not only integrally molding the whole of a chassis mechanism but also produces a better volume-production effect, we have successfully accomplished significant cost reduction without sacrifice of performance. The chassis supported by large-size four-legs is of a double-layered structure consisting of an upper layer with complex configurations and a flat but thick lower layer. To secure sufficient strength, not only the thickness but also ribs are employed according to the need. As a result, the total weight reached 32.6Kg. The heavy chassis coated with a calm color of feeling will support the fundamentals of music and sound firmly.

Two different tonearms such as 10 inch type or 12 inch type can be mounted on
As the "Air Force Two” is a arm-free designed turntable, no tonearm is incorporated. The chassis described above can accommodate two different tonearms to be mounted on it. Standard tonearms with the effective length of 10 inches can be mounted on the right side of the turntable within standard specifications but also an optionally available arm base for the second tonearm can be installed on far left of the chassis where a tonearm with the effective length of 12 inches can be mounted. Therefore, both types can be mounted on the turntable. Since an additional work is required for each mount to meet individual specifications, particular tonearms of your choice should be informed to to us prior to a placement of your order.
The fastidious fabric belt drives the heavyweight platter made of precision- cutting aluminum. The rotation is supervisory-controlled through a non-contact sensor and a microcomputer. Outcome is the very high rotation accuracy.
The turntable platter reaching a weight of 10Kg is manufactured from precision- cutting aluminum solid block (A5056). In analogy with the flagship model, the platter of the "Air Force Two” is equipped with a vacuum disc suction mechanism. In addition, the disc-absorption surface of the upper platter is covered with special thin film damping materials. The rotation of the platter is driven by a fabric belt. On belt for driving the non-stretch polyurethane fiber belt with polished surface is employed in line with the "Air Force One”. Please note that a common rubber belt seems much easier to handle than this belt when replacing. However, given the high-grade playback, for the high-precision heavyweight turntables like the "Air Force One” and the "Air Force Two” belt-drive by a common rubber belt obviously cause a loss of performance due to its elasticity and as a result convincing sound quality is not attainable. The motor for driving incorporated in the "Air Force Two” is a high-precision AC synchronous motor stored in free-standing rugged aluminum housing. The power supply is stored in the stand-alone cabinet by the name of "Air pump & Power supply Unit” as Power Amplifier Drive ‒ Rotation Control System that watches and controls a rotation speed of the platter through non-contact sensor and maintains a constant speed through speed adjustment microprocessor circuit. Due to outcome using systems including previously mentioned "Air Bearing System” a high rotational stability with less than wow and flutter 0.03% accuracy is achieved. Switching the revolution speed between 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm is available and additionally as a maximum 10% pitch control in +/- 0.1% steps of each constant speed is possible, the playbacks with your favorite pitch to suit the discs like instrumental albums become operational.
The "Air Force Two” is configured with a turntable main body, a driving motor in free-standing housing and in addition to them the "Air pump & Power Supply Unit" in a separate case.
The "Air Force Two” is configured with a turntable main body, a driving motor and in addition to them the "Air Pump & Power Supply Unit”. In the "Air Pump & Power Supply Unit” an electric air pump, an air condenser and power supplies for the circuits are installed. The motor-powered air pump enclosed in a robust die-cast case provides incomparable quietness with conventional simplified vibration motors and as an additional configuration a unique rubbersuspension is employed for scrupulously cutting-off micro vibrations. This driving motor is combined with the air condenser which is a tempered glass chamber mechanism where air evacuated from the air pump is stored temporarily and after absorbing the pulsating air flow completely, the processed air is fed for the air bearings and the disc attraction. Other than the above mechanism, total 4 distinct power supplies for a motor driving, a rotation control circuit, an operating circuit and for LED light are enclosed in the unit. By each part specialized with a dedicated power supply it is achieved to ensure rich enough power to drive a motor and to enhance the performance of each part. By also isolating those power supplies from a turntable main body the electric interference to the faint music signals is cancelled and that enables realization of a superior playback.
Platter surface cover "The Platter Top" Needless to say that a dust is a great enemy to the analog record. However a large dust cover to cover a whole body bothers some time when removing or putting on obviously. Even so, in this case it is natural that dusts on the platter can be crimped on the back of an analog disc without a dust cover. To resolve problems the acrylic dust cover, which only covers the platter surface to cope with dusts on it, is included as standard for the ”Air Force Two”.                                  
The dedicated special damping table suitable for Air Force Two is also optionally available.
As you would understand by descriptions so far, this model is a large-sized and heavy weight instrument. Therefore minimum installation space with 685mm width and 460mm depth or above is necessary. And the whole weight of a main body is 47Kg. In order to give the best performance, it is essential to satisfy the required conditions as above accordingly. With that, in consideration of the fact that the ideal installation requirement is not easily cleared, the thick special damping table is become optionally available. As this damping table is made of specially pure acrylic crystal with thickness of 40mm, this is the best suited base for the "Air Force Two” with its strength and superior damping performance.


Main body and Motor unit
Drive System: Belt Drive with surface polished polyurethane flat belt 
Chassis: Precision aluminum castings, weight 32.6 kg   
Platter: Solid aluminum (A5056) , weight 10 kg 
Moter: AC synchronous moter. Speed controlled by DC amplifier. 
Speed: 33.3rpm / 45rpm , Precise speed adjustment function
Wow & Flutter: below 0.03% (W.R.M.S)
Total weight: 47kg 
Minimum dimensions for setting up: 685(W)×460(D)mm  
Air pump & Power supply unit Power 
Consumption: 50W 
Dimensions: 430(W)×160(H)×240(D)mm, weight 10kg         
Accessories supplied with Air Force Two
Tonearm base wood x 1 (drilled for specified tonearm) 
Platter cover "The Platter Top” x 1 
AC power cable x 1 (180cm length)
Optional items & Accessories
Special Damping Table 
Second Tonearm Base 
Tonearm base wood for supplement (for 1st and/or 2nd tonearms) 
TechDAS Disc Stabilizer (highly recommended to use with Air Force Two) 
TechDAS TDC01 MC cartridge & TDC01 Ti MC cartridge