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Micromega HD M-150

Le M-150 is made for the most demanding. Powered with 2 x 150W under 8Ω and binaural plus ROOM EQ integrated.
M-One is a new Micromega range and a new vision for our integrated amplifiers history.
M-One is a made for Hi-Fi lovers. This is an all-in-one : plug your sources, your speakers and let the magic in!
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Our engineers integrate all new digital inputs and the common analogics in this extremely compact device.
Connect all your devices on M-One et just select your input.
M-One can be updated to get news functionalities.

Since your listening room is the weakest link in your installation, our engineers designed the M.A.R.S
system to address this issue.
This acoustic correction system and its Room EQ program detect the sound irregularities of your room and attenuate them for a balanced and accurate response. Over time, the dedicated application will provide this scalable system with a variety of additional features.
Included with M-150, in option with M-100.

M-One Remote
Included with your M-One, the infrared remote let you control with device from your room.
The remote was designed to get all necessary controls (volume modulation, inputs selection, standby).

iOS/Android app
Micromega designed an application for your smartphone dedicated form M-One. Extended the possibilities  when M-One is connected to your home network.
Futures updates will transform your device with the web radio , compatibility with audio servers and streaming services.


Amplifier size: 
Width: 430 mm
Depth: 350 mm
Height (with spikes): 56 mm

Amplifier weight:
Net weight: 9,3 kg
Gross weight: 11 kg

Packaging (overbox):
Width: 735 mm
Depth: 600 mm
Height: 150 mm

Power Consumption:
Standby: 1W
2 channels -1/8 Pmax under 8 Ohms: 185W

Rated output power:
PRMS under 8 Ohms: 2*150W
PRMS under 4 Ohms: 2*300W

Signal to noise ratio:
Digital input: 107 dB(A)
Balanced analog input: 103 dB(A)
Unbalanced analog input: 100 dB(A)
Phono MM input: Higher than 75 dB(A) 

Speaker output residual noise, open input:
8 Ohms: under 160 µV
4 Ohms: under 200 µV

Output impedance @250Hz under 8 Ohms 15mΩ

Damping factor Sup. à 500

Total harmony distorsion:
THD, 8 Ohms, 63 Hz: under 0,001%
THD, 8 Ohms, 1 kHz: under 0,005%
THD, 8 Ohms, 10 kHz: under 0,05%
THD, 4 Ohms, 63 Hz: under 0,002%
THD, 4 Ohms, 1 kHz: under 0,01%
THD, 4 Ohms, 10 kHz: under 0,08%

Intermodulation distorsion - SMPTE:
IMD, from 1W to PNOM, 8 Ohms under 0,01%
IMD, from 1W to PNOM, 4 Ohms under 0,02%

Intermodulation distorsion - Dynamic:
DIM 30, 50W, 8 Ohms under 0,04%
DIM 30, 150W, 4 Ohms under 0,08%

Channels separation:
Crosstalk, 1kHz under 100dB
Crosstalk, 10kHz under 90dB

Analog input sensitivity:
Phono MM, 47 kOhms 12 mVRMS
Phono MC, 110 Ohms 1,2 mVRMS
Analogue: 1,4 VRMS
Balanced: 1,7 VRMS

Sub-out output:
Cut-off frequency: 400 Hz