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Devialet Dialog

Dialog lets you synch up all your Phantom systems from one Phantom solo to many Phantom in Multi-room. All this, with absolute network stability.
Whether in duo or multiroom, Dialog lets you synch and control all your Phantom systems. Instantly and simultaneously.
Transmit audio data via PLC, even in rooms your Wi-Fi signal can’t reach. For absolute stability.
Up your game. Dialog brings AirPlay® to any non-compatible Phantom. For even more freedom.
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Processor 4 core - 1GHz (Freescale iMX6)
2 GBytes DDRAM / 4 GBytes FLASH

DIMENSION: 220 mm x 47,5 mm x 111 mm

WEIGHT: 590g

1 x 1Gbps ETH port
1 x optical input

Gigabit Ethernet Switch
3 x Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz (802.11abgn) 1 x PLC 500Mbps (HomePlugAV)

Synch up all your Phantom systems in less than 20µs High performance WiFi network 2.4GHz + 5GHz + PLC with each Phantom Proxy and NAT management to create a stand-alone network for each individual Phantom Online music streaming service management AirPlay compatibility with the latest Dialog.