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Artesania Audio
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Artesanía-audio with its unique Acoustic Engineering Board is committed to the effective treatment of resonance from vibrations since 1993. Jose Luis Lafarga and his team develop the Acoustic Anti-resonance treatment technology into the design and handmade furniture production for audio and audio/video components achieving outstanding linearity and neutrality in sound production.

The aim of this superior technology is to isolate all electronic components that are installed in the units whether they are active or passive (record players, CD players, power supply units, processors, speakers etc.) from any type of vibration that could influence their performance. The ultimate objective is absolute neutrality.


Artesania Audio

" The Artesania-Audio products are accessories that improve the quality of sound beyond all doubt." José Luis Lafarga


Artesania Audio
Isolation is necessary because when we listen to musical sounds in an acoustic setting, they can be affected by vibrations in the electronic equipment. These may originate in a solid source such as the floor or may be air borne such as sonic waves, and as a consequence will generate secondary vibrations in the equipment. These reverberations can only be eliminated by incorporating shock absorbing techniques and/or suspension, a process that generates a change in the caloric energy of acoustics.

In addition, electronic components used for sound reproduction also produce friction and vibrations that originate in their drive mechanisms and turntables. This can produce noise distortion and generate unwanted sounds such as humming or buzzing that become part of the overall sound transmitted by the speakers. The intensity of this distortion is often increased by "feedback.” Musical sound experiences therefore can be distorted considerably.
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