Audio Analogue

Audio Analogue
O Prazer do Som

Audio Analogue was born in Tuscany, a land full of memories, and of places familiar to those great, eclectic geniuses - Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei.
We thought it was just a fortunate coincidence, but when more than one audio lover told us that our products had certain beauty and fine sound, a special appeal both on a musical and visual level, we reckoned that it might be true. Therefore, as you glance through these pages, you will find Galileo's water-colour moons and the exquisite gaze of Leonardo's Angel.

Audio Analogue's aim is to conceive a special quality of sound through deep knowledge of audio technology. And the ultimate objective of our research is to provide the real pleasure that listening to a state-of-the-art audio system can bring. Every single product is designed to satisfy all listening needs and at the same time, is designed as a whole. Each member of our design team follows all the development stages of a new product, even though he may be responsible for only a part of it.


Audio Analogue

"Audio Analogue has something of an uneven track record with us." WHAT HI*FI?


Audio Analogue
During the listening stage of development, blind tests are made by interfacing prototypes with a wide assortment of audio equipment. Everyone: engineers, managers and designers are envolved in the fine tuning. In this way, many variations in the sonic balance of a new product are developed simultaneously to aim eventually at a common idea of sound.

Audio Analogue means skill and passion; it guarantees the reliability and performance of its products as well as that something extra that gives the end result a touch of magic. This is a quality that only the love of he who conceives and carries out the project, can bring. Audio Analogue creates...
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