Nausicaa Signature

There are many CD players and DACs that claim to be the best, but there is only one name that stands head and shoulders above the rest by virtue of its matchless performance and stunning appearance: Metronome Technologie.

This unique French company has never been interested in any digital format other than CD, and they are constantly exploring new boundaries to the silver disc’s musical capabilities. Their gorgeous Kalista Reference transports have become legendary, equalled only by their extraordinary digital-to-analogue converters.
Their latest reference DAC is the interestingly-named Nausicaa, a no-holds-barred unit that features the same circuitry as the existing C8, but uses superior cabinet materials to minimize vibration and thus give even greater performance.
The four digital to analog converters - two per channel - use the finest 24 bit/192kHz technology with internal 32bit processing to give fast, dynamic and crystal-clear sound. Sampling rate characteristics and a dynamic range capacity of 175dB, combined with distortion and noise of -140dB, are responsible for Nausicaa’s outstanding performance. As with the C8 an attractive feature of the Nausicaa is that it can operate in a switchable tube or solid state mode, thus making it extremely versatile and adaptable to individual musical preferences.

Nausicaa Signature

All the four digital inputs (S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink and USB) can accept from 44.1 up to 192 kHz, while the high resolution USB socket is of special interest to those who are exploring the increasing virtues of computer music playback.

As with the C8, the Nausicaa boasts an independent power supply with individual transformers and completely independent regulation lines for each critical part of the converter, which ensures interstage EMI/RFI protection. The result is a dynamic and beguiling analogue-like sound quality. At the rear is a pair of analogue RCA sockets, as well as balanced outputs driven by high end Swedish Lundahl transformers.

But if the Nausicaa has the same circuitry as the C8, why not to choose the C8 ? The answer is that because its architecture based on the use of high quality materials such as stainless steel and Perspex, the Nausicaa gives better performance due to superior dissipation of horizontal and vertical vibrations.
Nausicaa Signature

Further significant performance gains are obtained with its ‘silent base’ support, which greatly enhances the soundstage and results in a most impressive dynamic contrast. A final aesthetic bonus is that the Calypso or Kalista and Nausicaa have been designed to be stacked, and there are several combinations available.

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