MusicWave Speaker - Gen5

MusicWave delivers a full measure of naturalness and musical color on all types of program material. Compared to other brands of cable at its price point, MusicWave not only has generous conductor mass, it also has the special Transparent network to protect your system from noise. MusicWave delivers deeper, tighter bass frequencies and transfers music with more refinement than The Wave Speaker Cable.

É possível evoluir do modelo MusicWave Gen5 para a gama Plus Gen5, ou até mesmo para gamas superiores. Clique aqui para saber mais informações.

MusicWave Speaker - Gen5
Terminação standard: Forquilha > Forquilha
Comprimentos disponíveis: 2,44 metros; 3,05 metros; 4,55 metros; 6,1 metros; 7,62 metros
Terminações ou comprimentos especiais também disponíveis
Adaptadores: banana, pino, forquilha pequena, bi-wire

MusicLink Interconnect packs in an unprecedented level of technology, performance, and value.

MusicWave Speaker - Gen5

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