PowerIsolator Reference

PowerIsolator Reference is a versatile and relentless ally in the fight against line noise and grunge in your system.

Particularly suited for your source components, PIR approaches the performance of PowerIsolator MM, while offering the versatility of four 15-amp high-current outlets. Give yourself an automatic upgrade by plugging fewer than four components into a PIR. 

4 high-current, grounded, noise-isolated outlets.

2 separate noise-isolated banks for all components including high power amplifiers.

Ultimate performance comes when PIR is used with only 1 component per bank.

Free-standing or rack-mount operation (rack mount ears included).

Hefty aluminum chassis with internal epoxy damping provides a stable and quiet structure to house the delicate noise filtration and surge protection circuitry, thus further lowering the noise floor.

Circuit layout enhances electrical isolation.

Detachable high-current Reference PowerLink power cord delivers additional protection via its RF-inhibiting network.

Replace RPL power cord with Transparent PowerLink MM2 power cord for an additional upgrade.

Choose Reference PowerLink or PowerLink MM2 power cords for connected components to provide the full benefits of
PowerIsolator Reference performance.

2 rack spaces high.

Available in versions for USA, UK, EU and other power applications.

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