Edition S

Ultra Performance. Ultra Portable.

Hifiman is an established market leader in full-size planar magnetic headphones as well as in-ear phones. The missing piece in the puzzle has been an on-ear model. That is, until now. Enter Edition S, an on-ear model worthy of the Hifiman name. In the company's long-established tradition of creating remarkable performance for the price, Edition S at €279, establishes a new benchmark for the others to follow.

Dedication to quality

Each Edition S is manufactured to the same stringent standards as the company's flagship models, HE1000 and Edition X. Edition S can be worn comfortably for hours on end thanks to its lightweight design. Each part of the S is specially designed to create the best-sounding on-ear headphone in its class.

Style: Open/Closed Back

Frequency Response: 15Hz-22kHz

Sensitivity: 113 dB

Impedance: 18Ohms

Weight: 8,74oz (248g)

Drive Size: 50mm

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