The MD 309 is a Hybrid Integrated Amplifier for the Evolution of the Home Audio System 

MD 309 Integrated Amplifier: from our pedigree in pure analog circuitry, we're proud to introduce our most uncompromising 2-channel Integrated Amplifier. Using the same Hybrid-Acoustic CircuitryTM found in our MD-209 Audio Receiver, JJ 6922 Cryovalve tubes, and stocked with Magnum Dynalab's unrelenting build quality and audio engineering, the new MD 309 is a future-ready anchor for your high-performance home audio system. We believe it is the best Integrated Amplifier on the market.

FLEXIBLE INPUTS. With 1 line-level pre-amp output, 2 Balanced (XLR) inputs and 3 single-ended analog inputs (including a Surround Sound Processor input for integration with multi-channel applications), PLUS 3 digital inputs (including USB), the MD-309 acts as the backbone for any home audio/video system. 

AUDIO PROTECTION BOARD. The MD 309 Integrated Amplifier comes equipped with a proprietary circuit to run regular diagnostics on the device, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the unit at all times. 

MAGNUM DYNALAB BUILD QUALITY. Solid aluminum feet with Vibrapods Isolators, 24K gold plated .093" thick circuit boards, hefty internal heat-sinks and a burly chassis are all characteristics of our unrelenting commitment to quality. 

INTRODUCING OUR HYBRID-ACOUSTIC CIRCUITRYTM. This unique and proprietary circuitry combines the musicality, soundstaging and audio realism of our JJ 6922 CryoTubes with the crisp detail, harmonics and long-life of a solid state device.

POWERFUL and FLEXIBLE. Equipped with 40 Sanken output transistors to boost current after the tube gain stage, the MD-309 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier is rated at 225 watts into 8 ohms (450 watts into 4 ohms), adequate output to drive the most demanding of speakers.

"There’s depth, intellect and subtlety behind the power and very tidy, deep, powerful bass of the MD-309."

Alan Sircom, hifi+
FUNCTIONAL AND STATELY. With a 5" LCD touchscreen, symmetrical knobs and meters, soft blue LED lighting, a 1" thick faceplate and intuitive remote, the MD-309 is as attractive as it is easy-to-operate. 
INTEGRATE ANY DIGITAL SOURCE COMPONENT. An optional upgrade on the MD 309 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier is our most advanced Digital-to-Analog converter, featuring our full-time upconverting and oversampling Burr-Brown design, 3 digital inputs (including USB), and seamless operation through the remote or faceplate.
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