The I 35 is the brand new integrated valve amplifier specially dedicated to audiophiles who find themselves in the new musical sensibility of the KT120 valve.

In the true Jadis manufacturing tradition, you will find that all the internal wiring is done using hard wiring technology, with noble materials such as surgical grade stainless steel, 24 carat gold plating and silver wire, along with the hand-wound output transformers, which made the reputation of the brand, and whose trade secret is jealously guarded.

Type: Pure class A integrated amplifier

Bias: automatic

Power: 2 x 30W

Input type: 5 line input and one line output

Bandwidth: 20-20000Hz

Number of blocks: 1

Tubes list: 4 x power tube

Dimensions: 485x345x330mm

Weight: 31Kg

Consumption: 275W

These 2 x 40 Watts with KT120 give an impression of power that goes far beyond its technical characteristics.

The harmony of this integrated amplifier is in line with its sound performance.

Every component has been assembled to enable audiophiles to reach their ultimate goal: an emotion.

Which becomes a sudden fall of one’s consciousness into the realm of magic.
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