Noise Harvester

It comes from light dimmers, computers, cell phones, TV’s, even stereo and video equipment in your home as well as those of your neighbors. Your equipment doesn’t want these power line noises because they can cause a hard and bright sound as well as muddy up the colors of video. To battle them, we place filters between the equipment and the AC line. While these help reduce noise feeding into the equipment, they do not eliminate it.

Introducing the PS Power Noise Harvester™, the world’s first true parallel power line noise converter that actually eliminates power line noise – instead of shuffling it off somewhere else.

When it comes to power line filters there are two types: series and parallel. The vast majority of power conditioners are series devices meaning they are placed between the AC wall outlet and your equipment. They can be effective in reducing noise but they are one more obstruction in the path of power getting to your equipment.

A parallel filter is placed across the hot and neutral of your AC power and does not obstruct the flow of power. Unfortunately these filters are typically inaffective at reducing noise. What little they do is accomplished by shifting line noise from one place to another.
Noise that comes in the hot side of the line may be sent over to the neutral or ground side. It is not removed or reduced.
All that has changed with the Noise Harvester which does not obstruct the path of the power yet permanently removes line noise from your home.

Noise Harvester
Converts line noise to light

Blacker backgrounds for audio

Better pictures for video

Works at frequencies 10 times lower than any passive filter

Dramatically lowers the noise source

Works throughout the home

Multiple Harvesters work in parallel

Use with exisiting power conditioners

Removes noise not covered by power conditioners

PS Audio’s Noise Harvester™ does eliminate a measurable amount of power line noise from your home. But we don’t do it by defying the laws of physics: we do it by taking advantage of them.
The Noise Harvester™ is a plugin module that can be placed on any AC receptacle. Once connected, the Noise Harvester begins to harvest and redirect the AC line noise into a storage tank and then converts it to light.
Plug the Noise Harvester in and watch it go to work. Each blink of the Harvester LED is power line noise gone forever. It’s been converted to light.

You bet! You can count on PS Audio to provide real power solutions that are both measurable and audible.
If we want to measure the results of the Harvester™ we first need to make sure there’s a steady source of line noise to view on the ‘scope.
There’s no better source of line noise than a simple light dimmer. You know, the kind you probably have in your home that makes everything buzz?
This  scope photo shows what dimmer noise actually looks like if you were to ‘freeze’ it. The ‘noise event’ is being shown both in time and level on the ‘scope. See how jagged and nasty looking it is?

What you want is less of this nasty waveform, or even better, just a straight horizontal line with nothing vertical at all. The loudness of the nasty buzzing noise is represented here by the vertical information.
What happens to this noise when the Harvester is added? It reduces significantly by converting this unwanted energy into light and thus removing it from the AC line.
While it’s doing this, the Harvester is blinking like crazy!
Noise Harvester
So, if one Harvester is reducing line noise, what happens when you add multiple Harvesters? Improved noise reduction.
Harvesters work in parallel, each removing 8 to 10 watts of line noise each day. The more you have connected, the more wattage converted and the lower the noise on your power line.
In our sound room we have a small extension strip with 5 outlets. We’ve plugged in five Harvesters, plugged the strip into the wall, and the background noise of the system has gone down dramatically.
So not only is the effect addictive, it’s also additive.
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